Increase Sales With Price Extensions

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One of the newer ad extension formats for Google AdWords is price extensions. These extensions allow you to showcase everything from your products and services offered, to events, brands and locations. They enable you to showcase even more of your offering (and take up even more ad space), before a user clicks through to your site.


As of last week, price extensions are now eligible to show on all devices, and are fairly similar to Sitelinks in that you can link them through to a specific page on your site. The extensions show underneath a text ad, and can show up to 8 cards at a time. On mobile, these are in a carousel format, so users can scroll through the different offerings, before clicking through to that specific product/service. It’s important to make sure you have a fully optimised mobile site before setting up price extensions.


Price Extensions on Desktop



Price Extensions on Mobile

Benefits of Using Price Extensions

As we’ve mentioned, price extensions have the potential to significantly increase your ad space, especially on mobile. With that in mind, by showcasing various items, services, brands that you provide, users are able to understand more about what you offer, before they’ve even clicked through to your site. What does that mean? An increased CTR of course!

If you’ve got a price extension of something that someone really wants, let’s take a flight to New York from the example above, a user can click on that particular extension, and be given flight prices there and then. Similarly if I’m looking for a flight to New York and I see your price extension, I can decide before I click through whether the price is within my budget range or not.

If it is within my budget, there’s a much higher chance that I would go on and buy that one way ticket, and never look back. So not only are you likely to see an improved CTR, but an increase in conversions and conversion rates too.

How to Set Up Price Extensions

Price extensions are set up in a similar way to other ad extensions, and can be found under the ‘ad extensions’ tab in AdWords.

Once there, you can choose exactly how you want to set up your price extension. The ‘type’ of price extension is chosen from the drop down list shown below.

Price Extensions Types

What are you waiting for?

Price extensions are quick and easy to set up, and are just another addition to enhancing the amount of ad space you can take up. Help improve your CTR and conversion rates now!

For more information on price extensions, or other ad extensions that are available, get in touch today.

Sophie Burrows
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