How Location targeting can improve your ROI

Customers are at the core of any business. The location of your customers is crucial in any marketing strategy, so why when creating a strategy for PPC advertising do agencies not take into account customers locations? Whether you want more impressions, clicks or conversions, location targeting within AdWords allows you to target geographical locations, but it can also be used as an optimisation tool to help you increase your ROI and spend your budget more wisely.

Location targeting lets you target your ads to specific geographical areas like countries, regions, metros, cities, postal codes or by targeting a radius around a location.

 adwords location targeting

There are many ways that you can develop a location strategy, the first being looking at your geographical performance data; a geographical performance report looks into where your customer’s physical locations are. As well as locations they show you customer’s location of interest. Geographical performance data is a way of highlighting where your customers are located, which then enables you to refine your PPC strategy to target areas which convert.

As well as focusing on good campaign performers you can create a strategy around excluding regions which are not performing effectively, excluding locations in your settings keeps your adverts from appearing to people who are likely to be physically located in the area that you’ve excluded. This again can improve ROI by spending more of your budget on locations that do convert.

Location targeting is a way of enhancing factors of your PPC campaigns, but this a strategy that is not utilised enough in other PPC agencies. To learn more about how you can develop your location strategy contact a member of our team today for further insights.

Grace Bethell
Grace Bethell is a BA (hons) Advertising graduate from Southampton Solent University. She has specialised in Digital Marketing as well as being certified in Direct and Digital Marketing by the Institute of Direct Marketing (IDM). Grace wrote her thesis on Social Media, focusing on how brands engage through visual social media platforms. Grace works within the Inbound Search & Social team at Digital Clarity and manages accounts across a range of multi-disciplined verticals.