How Do I Reach My Target Audience with Social Media Advertising?

Digital Clarity FAQs

Our latest FAQ session is brought to you by Paid Media Specialist Alice.

Watch the full video to learn:

  • Targeting options across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • What lookalike audiences are, and the best practices to use them effectively
  • How to use And/Or Clauses
  • Why re-marketing is essential for success

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Alice Stapleton
Alice works in the Search and Social Media team at Digital Clarity, strategising how brands can amplify reach and achieve their business goals. Alice graduated from The University of Nottingham with a first class degree in English. Alice has experience with digital marketing agencies in the East Midlands, where she discovered how beneficial digital marketing can be to businesses of all sizes. Alice’s love and interest for digital has only grown and she is always eager to learn more about the ever-evolving digital marketing industry.