Happy 5th Birthday Instagram!

Instagram turned 5 today, and to celebrate the network has announced their top 5 most followed accounts in both the UK and US.

The social network recently announced that they had hit 400 million active monthly users, whilst there are 80 million new daily uploads, contributing to the 40 billion photos shared in the last 5 years.


• Harry Styles  (13 million followers)
• David Beckham  (12.8 million followers)
• Niall Horan  (11.7 million followers)
• Gareth Bale  (9.7 million followers)
• Liam Payne  (7 million followers)

It may be interesting to note that although the top 5 in the UK is mainly dominated by members of One Direction (awkward for Louis Tomlinson – although he’s not far behind with 6.1 million followers), David Beckham takes second place despite only joining the social network on his 40th birthday this year – becoming the fastest person to acquire 1 million followers – in less than a day.

The US top 5 differs somewhat to the UK top 5, and is as follows:


• Taylor Swift  (49.6 million followers)
• Kim Kardashian  (48.1 million followers)
• Beyonce  (47.2 million followers)
• Selena Gomez  (45.9 million followers)
• Ariana Grande  (44.6 million followers)

Interestingly, the US top 5 is dominated by women, as opposed to the UK’s being dominated by men.

Since being acquired by Facebook back in 2012, the platform has recently rolled out advertising across the network, although this is still not available to all brands. As previously mentioned, Instagram has gone as far as saying their adverts are 2.8 times more effective than other forms of online advertising.

However looking at these top ten accounts, it seems the best way for brands to reach their fans is by posting engaging and interesting content. It will be interesting to see if the top 5 accounts are still the same in another 5 years’ time, or whether the use of advertising will help brands to increase their followings.

Sophie Burrows
As a Senior Digital Strategist, Sophie's role is focused around working with clients to achieve their business objectives, through a mixture of digital marketing channels. Having worked closely with clients in a variety of disciplines over the last five years, Sophie has gained an invaluable insight into what makes for a successful campaign. Applying a strategic process along with deep analytics insight has made Sophie an in-demand digital strategist.