Google Shopping

For online sellers, it’s important to know which comparison shopping engine will result in the highest traffic, sales and the lowest CPA. Comparison shopping engines are an opportunity to put your products in front of interested buyers. These are not people leisurely window shopping, they are actively looking for your product. They may have already made the decision to buy and are simply browsing for the best promotion.

More than 5 billion searches happen on Google every year. Many are searching on Google to help find the perfect product at the most competitive price from the right store. Shopping promotions are a great way to influence shoppers to click your ad against a competitors.

Google Shopping allows you to remain the direct seller of your product, therefore keeping information and pricing up to date within your feed is important. It is the largest and most well-known comparison shopping engine and the products displayed are integrated with Google AdWords.

You are able to promote your products using product reviews and to help shoppers easily find this information Google recently introduced the 5-star rating system for each specific product. This is aggregated from several sources such as Google users, editorial sites, merchants and third party aggregators.

Unlike search ads which are managed in AdWords, a lot of the settings for shopping ads are handled within the Google Merchant Centre. While AdWords is used to set bids and structure, it is important to pay attention to detail when formatting the feed to make sure the product content is as comprehensive as possible.

Within the feed titles and descriptions is where you aim to highlight the most relevant keywords to that specific product, the ads are then automatically generated using the feed data. Similar to the title it is important to keep the description inclusive of your most relevant keywords. Adding in negatives within search query is a great way to avoid irrelevant traffic.

Google opens its first shop

Google Shopping is a rapidly growing channel and definitely an important tool for e-Commerce websites. There is now even a Google Shop open in London, this is the first time it has opened a shop under its own brand and will operate as a shop within the Curry’s PC world in Tottenham Court Road. One of the innovative features includes customers being able to use a giant immersive screen called the ‘Portal’ and ‘fly’ over different parts of the world, navigating using a tablet and Google Earth.

Danielle Church
Danielle Church is a BA (hons) Marketing and Advertising graduate from The University of Hertfordshire. She has experience managing several high profile retail accounts and has a passion for spotting industry emerging trends to help clients consistently stay ahead of the curve in the digital marketplace.