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Have you noticed recently that a lot of people on Twitter are tweeting random emoji’s to Google? If you haven’t, well, they are. And what’s more, Google are responding to these emojis with the hashtag #KnowNearby, relevant local search results, and a pun, just for fun.

These emoji tweets come from the various queries that may be typed into a search engine, for example ‘bar nearby’, or ‘will it rain?’, but in emoji form, and via Twitter. How does it work? Simple, you send Google an emoji and they’ll respond.

I have a love for burritos, so when I tweeted Google the burrito emoji, they responded almost instantly with the following:

@s0phieburrows Worth spilling the beans for: #KnowNearby

— Google (@Google) January 3, 2017

It seems that Google aren’t just responding to food related emoji’s, but also animal emojis (some of which they respond with links to the animal sound!), sports emoji’s and even the zzz emoji with ‘hotels nearby’, and according to Mashable, there are over 200 different emojis that Google can comprehend. Pretty cool stuff. It’s worth noting though that if it’s an emoji they can’t read, you’ll receive a reply similar to the below

While Google have leapt to the top of the mark with these emoji based search results, and are causing quite a stir, let’s not forget about Domino’s introducing their ‘easy order’ process, where you simply set up your favourite pizza on your account, and link it with your facebook account. Then, you just need to send ‘Dom the Pizza Bot’ a pizza emoji, and they’ll get your favourite pizza ordered.

Have you tried ordering your pizza via emoji, or tweeted Google with an emoji? Get in touch, let us know how you got on!

Sophie Burrows
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