“Google it” and the Evolution of Search

The phrase “Google it” is now synonymous in most languages where the search engine operates. It’s fair to say that that the phrase is universal and certainly a key part of the English speaking world.
Often derided as an easy way to find information and the bane of school teachers who feel it may be dumbing down children’s ability to reason and learn; the intelligence and evolution of search has made the ‘Google experience’ a learning journey quite unlike any other. The reason for this is the rich snippets of information thrown into search results that lead the user into a deeper and immersive experience and in many cases, learning more.

2nd and 3rd Screening

The function of searching is so second nature now that in recent studies, it has been shown that users search using up to 3 separate devices a day. Desktop, laptops, tablets and mobile being the main source of the screens used. This varies across countries and is being driven by the growth of smartphones. Is some countries, the saturation has reached a point where it is almost like an extra limb. In Sweden, 100% of under 25s now use a smartphone and in Turkey, the use of smartphones has quadrupled.

Multi Screen Use across the World

Algorithms and the Evolution of Search

Legendary Google Fellow, Ben Gomes give’s a wonderful insight in this video into how Google has continually used its Algorithm to trawl, index and intelligently deliver search queries. The video also shows the quest to continually change as demands by uses changed. This includes the growth of advertising and how search ads (AdWords) and the PPC model was kept separate from the organic results – a lesson that we forget too often in search of ad dollars but shown how Google, by keeping the distinction, grew its business and how search still accounts for the lion’s share of its revenue.

The video is 4 years old and gives an idea of how far we’ve come and the exciting developments that were driven by what Gomes describes as the engineers goal. “To provide the most relevant result to the user in the fastest time possible.”

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Reggie James
Having built and sold various technology businesses over the years, Reggie heads the consultancy and commercial side of the business. Approachable and pragmatic, Reggie previously ran the first dot-com to list on the Singapore Stock Exchange as well as developing business strategies for brands whilst at AltaVista and Yahoo! before launching Digital Clarity. As a passive investor, he is also involved in the US public OTC markets.