Google helps with the 7 deadly sins of landing page design

Google has posted an excellent article on landing page design on its AdWord Blog.

As the landing page is the first page a visitor or potential customer sees โ€“ it is the potent point of engagement and will determine what happens next

As the blog point out, a bad landing page will drive visitors away, while a good one will turn AdWords clicks into customers. There is an excellent webinar video that takes you through the more pertinent points of the topic presented by one of Googleโ€™s Website Optimizer Authorized Consultants, Tim Ash.

Rachel Mepham
With over 15 yearsโ€™ experience in Digital Marketing, Rachel heads up the team at Digital Clarity. With a deep skill set in the Paid Search, Social Media and Analytics, Rachel is regarded by both clients and peers as one of the most experienced and prolific women in the UK digital space. Her approach and application to digital strategy planning has been used by some of the biggest brands as well as leading advertising and marketing agencies.