Google Dynamic Callout Extensions

Google have recently introduced dynamic callout extensions to eligible adverts created in Google AdWords. The intention of these automated callouts is to draw an individual’s attention to additional useful details about your company, products or services at the first opportunity, via a google search. Google argue that these callouts may improve your ROI by increasing relevance and CTR.

What is a dynamic callout extension?

Dynamic callouts can save an advertiser time by extracting useful information from your website and including it within an advert. They are available in English globally and appear on the search network only, via desktop, tablets and mobiles with full web browsing capability. You can manage your callouts by selecting specific languages, override callouts by generating your own or opt out entirely via an online form. This same form can be used to opt back in the future and the performance of dynamic callouts can be tracked in Google AdWords. If another ad extension is performing better than dynamic callouts then these will be shown more frequently with you ad.

Google claim that content will be extracted from the landing page of the advert and advise ensuring this information is accurate and up to date. However, caution must be exercised as content seemingly may be extracted from any section of your website including FAQ’s or delivery information which may not go hand in hand with the advertising message. Furthermore, these automated callouts do not appear within the advert in Google AdWords so may not be immediately obvious that they are appearing without conducting a Google search.


Dynamic Callout Extensions

In the example above the words “Official Site” and “Easy Returns” are the dynamic callout extensions which have been applied. These are arguably not the most relevant ad extension that Hollister may have chosen, nor do these phrases appear on the ad’s landing page.

Darren Parsons
Darren is a member of Digital Clarity’s account management team. He has a wide interest and vast experience in sport sponsorship and marketing having worked in the industry for 9 years. Darren keeps up to date with market trends and enjoys facilitating the strategies companies use to digitally enhance their profile and visibility via various platforms.