Google AdWords New Look – What to look out for

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Everyone is talking about it and it has been confirmed from the horse’s mouth – Paul Feng, AdWords product management director, confirmed Google AdWords is having an interface overhaul.

Having seen Google AdWords from its earliest days and having to copy and paste the reports from their interface due to clunky and temperamental downloads, I felt excitement and intrigue that they were revamping the AdWords interface.


Firstly, from a design perspective, Google is taking a cue from its Material Design format. This uses flat design popularised by Apple’s iOS and in certain cases ‘long shadow’ to add solid depth to the layout. This whole redesign sits within the overall Google Design philosophy that relates to both offline design as well as online.

Material Design Do’s and Don’ts

Material Design Digital Clarity


Do Don’t
An image that tells a story is infinitely more interesting and informative An image that lacks a story loses an opportunity to convey mood, brand and context

Mobile first

AdWords experts know that accessing the reporting function from mobile has been at best, challenging. The new layout allows for far more to be done on the new interface. With more searches on Google being done on mobile, this has been a long time coming.

More Business, Less Product

The emphasis here is that Google is looking for its AdWords users to offer its search audience the right and relevant experience. This hasn’t changed in 15 years though the focus on how Google believes the users want to experience Google search has. Advertisers are being asked to offer more immersive experiences and this should be reflective in AdWords advertising.

Micro Moments

The shift to a mobile friendly interface is again the data being fed back by the huge decision engine’s database. Micro Moments defined as the shift to emotive mobile decision making is the thrust in the new AdWords interface. Google is obviously looking for more Ad dollars and the education to mobile focussed marketing will help Google with market dominance – whilst still providing a superior service. This education piece is key as may advertisers are not thinking mobile. For more information, see our quick guide –  reaching the mobile consumer

Micro Moments Digital Clarity

All too long they have been missing  a more visual display of data, considering that’s what digital advertisers want to see, graphical data representation. The excellent Search Engine Land shows some screen shots of the interface, and although it will take time, I look forward to seeing what advances Google AdWords will make on their 15 year old system.


Rachel Mepham
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