Google AdWords: 5 Big Changes – Everything You Need to Know

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“Life isn’t lived in years or days, or even hours, it’s lived in moments” Google 2016

The Google Performance Summit is something quite exciting for the PPC and data nerds out there, but it’s also exciting for the clients we work for. It creates deeper opportunities and new ways to show their brand tonality and get their products found online.

Google is constantly delivering one main message in recent years and that is that mobile changes everything! It’s a revolution for them and changed the way they see and develop their products. The updates and changes to AdWords and Analytics they discussed in the summit are all inspired for a mobile-first world. The shift to mobile has happened globally and marketers need to be ready to invest, just to keep up.

We have outlined 5 of the major changes which were discussed in the summit and how they will benefit you as a brand.

Longer headlines and descriptions

Text ads in AdWords are getting a revamp which will allow longer text to advertise your products and services. The headline of your ad which is currently limited to 25 characters will now expand to two 30-character headlines meaning improved copy, as well as a potential increase in click through rates leading to higher quality leads. On top of these mammoth headlines Google is also opening the doors to extended descriptions from two 25-character lines to a single 80-character line.

These are coming both to desktop and mobile; there’s no official confirmation of when, but if rumors are anything to go by it could be as soon as July this year.

Individual Tablet bidding

You heard that right, Google is finally going to allow bidding on a tablet, they’re breaking the portable device away from desktop bidding. As search has developed over time and the behaviour of how we search has evolved, this is a much needed change!

Everything in the digital world is now mobile first and finally AdWords is going that way too. Previously we have only had the ability to bid on desktop or mobile devices, Google have recognised that the user behaviour on tablet differs to that of desktop and mobile, hence giving control to adjust bids across all 3 I for one could not be happier about this update. You will now have the flexibility, freedom and the functionality to apply bid strategies based on results on each device.

Promoted Map Pins

Local search just got promoted. Currently, ads appear in Google maps directly under the map itself, and they are visible in the app, on both mobile and desktop versions as well as Google have been working on new ad formats and are now introducing ‘promoted pins’ where the pin for the location will be an ad, this will then be followed by local information and promos below the map.

If you focus on local search then this could be an effective way to enhance footfall via mobile map searches.

Similar Audience for Search

This update drives further opportunity of pairing search, intent and context. This has been developed from remarketing lists and RLSA, improving the effectiveness of a keyword campaign. RLSA has show proven powerful results in the past and this development is now allowing you to create similar audiences to your remarketing lists – RLSA but for prospects. This development targets audiences that are built from characteristics from your current remarketing list, which are the people who currently visit and buy from your site.

FIAT Chrysler Automobiles used this product first hand in beta and found by bidding more aggressively on these similar audiences they saw 5X the CTR and 14% lower CPAs.

Further to the development of RLSA, Google will also be introducing Demographic targeting for search ads in the coming months. See some powerful results from this below:

New Interface

After the recent investment into Google Analytics and more importantly the mobile app being upgraded, now AdWords is getting a makeover! This is currently being rolled out, although we might have to wait until 2017 to see the full masterpiece. We have a few images below for a sneak peek but as you can see it’s sleeker and a lot more like the Google tools we use already. Hallelujah.[/vc_column_text][mk_image src=”” image_width=”720″ image_height=”600″ align=”center” crop=”false”][vc_column_text]In typical Google style, we don’t know yet exactly when these products and features will be fully rolled out, and I expect the US will see them first before the UK. But these updates and products are new, fresh, exciting and accessible, they are changing the way in which search works, driving higher concentration to the people who have intent for your business. They also give more control to how your bidding and where you’re bidding, which drives an even more targeted future for AdWords.

There are many more changes coming to Google within AdWords and Analytics. Below we have posted the full summit to watch at your leisure but if you do have any question do feel free to contact us and we can talk through your needs.

Jenny Farnfield
Jenny Farnfield graduated from Southampton Solent University with a 2:1 Degree in Advertising, and brings extensive commercial, digital and marketing acumen to the team at Digital Clarity. Jenny has been recognised by both UK Search Awards and the Ecommerce Awards. Jenny is also IDM certified, and utilises a rigorous, granular approach to digital marketing. With over 6 years’ experience, Jenny digs deep to find solutions and uses an immersive approach in her accounts, turning numbers and data into actionable solutions for her clients.