FindsYou is an innovative and unique service that reverses the usual ‘seller finds buyer’ scenario and allows those searching for a product to post a ‘want’. The consumer sets the parameters and the suppliers are delivered with qualified leads based on the relevance metrics that they have set.

Once a lead has been passed to the relevant supplier, the consumer is contacted based on stock and availability.

The Challenge

As a relatively new service, Findsyou required high volumes of consumers to be driven to the website, with a focus on those looking for cars or properties either to purchase or for rental. Equally as important was to position the Findsyou brand within the market and educate both suppliers and consumers of the benefits in using the service.

Along with the requirement that traffic be relevant and of a high quality was the need to work to a set CPA.

Our Approach

Digital Clarity addressed the importance of specific product searches as well as branding and education within the market on behalf of Findsyou and identified that Pay Per Click would be  the most immediate and effective source of traffic when dealing with cars and properties.

By establishing the suppliers onboard, products and geographical locations they target, Digital Clarity focussed on creating a concise keyword strategy that would generate the best results while keeping below the CPA threshold.

Our extensive experience allowed us to adapt and evolve the campaign as the market fluctuated and search trends changed, which resulted in improvements across the board.


Over a 6 month period and on guidance from Digital Clarity, the Findsyou website was altered to help ensure traffic driven through PPC was converting. Through a combination of on-site modifications and a continually optimised PPC campaign, Digital Clarity generated a return of 629% over the original marketing budget.

Hannah Gordon-Smith
Hannah Gordon-Smith is a Senior Account Manager who has a background in both online and offline marketing. She often writes about the most up to date topics affecting search and social and would like to hear your thoughts and comments too.