Does Your Website Measure Up?

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A really common misconception is that all you have to do to be digital is build a website and the people will come – if only! In fact your website is just one piece of your digital marketing puzzle, which may include SEO, paid search, social media (including advertising), email, display and remarketing to name just a few.

This piece will focus on the importance of the user experience your website provides and some key areas to consider to maximise your ROI, whether that be sales, enquiries, subscriptions, engagement with content and so on.

Slow load time

It takes no more than 0.05 seconds for a user to form an opinion of your website ( In an ever increasingly busy world, if your page takes an age to load, forget it, your visitors have already moved on. According to KISSmetrics, 40% of people will leave a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load! This takes on greater importance on mobile devices which sometimes rely on cellular internet connectively.

Do you know how quickly your web pages loads on desktop and mobile?

Not optimised for mobile

Aside from page load speeds on mobile devices it is also critical that your content is mobile friendly to avoid the need for zooming or unnecessary scrolling. Last year Google began penalising website that are not mobile friendly and they recently announced they are strengthening ranking signals for mobile friendly sites.

Mobile search has now overtaken desktop…don’t be left behind!

Poor Navigation

There is nothing worse than landing on a website and being faced with a challenge to find your way to the information you have come for. Equally frustrating is being taken to a page which is not relevant to the navigation option clicked on.

Do you know what you want people to do when they reach your website?
Do you have enough, relevant, well placed calls to action which take visitors to the appropriate destination?
What is the most common visitor journey on your site?

It’s also important not to mislead visitors by for example, offering them a discount only to find there is a minimum spend.

Contact form but no other means of contact

A contact form should never be the only form of communication between you and your visitors. Lots of people are put off by contact forms, particularly if they are asked to write a message as they have no idea how many people may see this content. People buy people, let visitors email, phone, text, whatsapp, skype or engage via social media with a real person and reap the rewards!

Inability to share content

There is very little point creating engaging, creative content if you do not then provide visitors the opportunity to share via email or social media. Share buttons are quick and easy to implement and avoid the need for copying an entire URL string.

Let your visitors amplify your content, potentially increasing your website’s traffic and search rankings!

No blog or irregular posting

Most people will diligently research your company prior to any form of purchase or engagement. Blogging provides an opportunity to share substantial timely and industry specific content to your visitors. Any potential clients or customers will see value in the information you are sharing. They may also feel like you this content has helped them in the past, making your company a trusted advisor in the field, increasing the likelihood of a return visit.

It is important that blogs are regular as any significant gap in posts will have a negative effect on visitor perception.

These are just a few ways you can improve your visitors’ user experience. To find out more or to learn how to implement some of the areas discussed above please get in touch with the team at Digital Clarity.

Darren Parsons
Darren is a member of Digital Clarity’s account management team. He has a wide interest and vast experience in sport sponsorship and marketing having worked in the industry for 9 years. Darren keeps up to date with market trends and enjoys facilitating the strategies companies use to digitally enhance their profile and visibility via various platforms.