Google AdWords Deadline Approaching: Expanded Text Ads

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The switchover to Google’s expanded text ads is fast approaching, are you ready?

Back in July, Google introduced their expanded text ads to all AdWords accounts. Available on both search and display networks, these ads offer double the amount of text, including two clickable headlines, and are said to increase CTRโ€™s by 20%.

Expanded text ads were introduced with mobile in mind, given that mobile searches have now overtaken desktop, and are paving way for the future.

Original ad:

standard text ad

Expanded ad:

google expanded text ad

Currently, both expanded text ads and standard text ads can be created in AdWords, but come January 31st, that will be changing. From that date, it will no longer be possible to create new standard text ads, OR edit standard text ads that are already in your account, though existing ads will still be eligible to be served.

Top tips for expanded text ads

  • Create brand new ads
    • Rather than editing your standard ads to the new style, try writing some fresh ads that utilise all of the extra space you have
  • Make the most of the expanded character limit
    • Use as much of the character limit to promote your services and products, after all, its what it’s there for!
  • Use what you know works
    • If you’ve previously used DKI (dynamic keyword insertion) and it worked, why not use it again for your expanded text ads?
  • Optimise for quality scores
    • Quality score remains a vital part of your AdWords account, so make sure you include keywords within your ads
  • Test and test again
    • Test different ad variations to see which performs best. It could be something as simple as swapping headline 1 and 2, but make sure your ads have served enough for you to be confident with the results
  • Don’t pause standard ads until expanded ads perform well
    • Although you won’t be able to edit or create new standard ads, don’t pause the etaโ€™s until you’re confident their working well in comparison

From January 31st you’ll no longer be able to edit or create standard text ads. Are you ready for this huge change coming to AdWords? For more information on upgrading to expanded text ads or discuss the switchover, get in touch today.

Sophie Burrows
As a Senior Digital Strategist, Sophie's role is focused around working with clients to achieve their business objectives, through a mixture of digital marketing channels. Having worked closely with clients in a variety of disciplines over the last five years, Sophie has gained an invaluable insight into what makes for a successful campaign. Applying a strategic process along with deep analytics insight has made Sophie an in-demand digital strategist.