Convenience Vs Privacy

Facebook is planning to launch mobile payments using their Facebook Messenger App. Users will be able to add a credit or debit card to a Facebook account and send across money to friends via the messenger application. Andrew Aude, an IOS developer said ‘you attach money just like you attach a photo’. Like a photo!? I’m sure we can all tell you the differences between those two things. In terms of security, it is likely there will be a PIN function to protect payment.

This is one of the many launches of payment systems within gadgets and platforms. These updates in the world of tech have exceeded what we thought was possible, but when will it stop?

Everything is done for convenience. However, the question remains; is this convenience worth sacrificing our privacy? Are we putting social media in possession of our valued personal information and data? It could very easily all go wrong. Although the releases of products and updates are always seen as the next big thing, some things need to be kept to a simple process. Involving your bank details on social media can be seen as a risky move. With the recent celebrity photo hacking scandal, anything can be hacked into these days.

Aside from concerns about security and hacking, the very nature of Facebook’s payment system will be considered invasive by many. It is patently obvious why Facebook are launching such a product; to record your buying patterns, what you like, what you don’t like, and what you spend your money on. Facebook can then sell this information to advertisers (and god knows who else). Even if there are no security problems, is this something people are comfortable with? Are Facebook deceiving their customers by not making it clear about the business model?  The idea of the new feature is appealing but is there something Facebook is hiding and is it even worth using the feature if information is on the line?

We could say this about online banking, but banking is their job- will Facebook reimburse your funds if something wrong happened over Facebook? Next there may be cameras in your homes to ‘update your status’ which would be accepting the invasion of privacy.


Shareena Grewal
Shareena Grewal graduated from Southampton Solent University, where she achieved a 2:1 in Media Culture & Production. Shareena comes to Digital Clarity with a background in media, including event planning, production and marketing. As well as this, Shareena has been certified by the IDM (Institute of Direct & Digital Marketing) and specialises in social media, helping clients to define, curate and grow their brands online.