Google Automated Extensions: Call Extensions

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Google predicts mobile search engines will drive nearly 33 billion click-to-calls using the Google call ad extension.

With this prediction Google is helping us advertisers promote this further by automatically adding a call extension to our mobile adverts, that is, if your mobile landing page contains a phone number.

I think this feature is great for the smaller businesses or chains which rely on local footfall, however there will be some businesses which will need to think about opting out.

Why opt out:

  • Limited reporting to sale
    • We number crunchers want to make sure there is a clear path from click to sale
    • Think about it, what if someone is browsing the web and comes across your website, then they’re out in town the following day so they look for your store, click the call extension, then reserve the product to buy later that day
    • Where is that sale allocated?
  • You don’t actually want phone calls
    • Yes you have a phone number on your site, however, you would much prefer it if they just book online. That’s why you spent £70k on the website right?
  • The call is not for a sale but for a complaint
    • If you just had one phone number and someone calls to make a complaint, or they’re a new supplier trying to flog you something, but they are on the phone just long enough to count the call as a conversion. Your CPA has just decreased, but actually there was no revenue.

These are just a few scenarios which could play havoc with your reporting, so you need to think, are call extensions for me?

So you know how to remove them, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Ad Extension tab
  2. Select View: Automated extensions report
  3. Scroll down to ‘Automated extension options advanced’ and click ‘Edit’
  4. Untick the option for ‘Automatic call extensions’ under ‘Do not use specific automated extensions in this account’


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