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Ad extensions are a type of ad format that shows extra information about your business.

They are there to enhance your advert by adding more value and improved visibility for your ad campaigns, including creating a larger retail space and prominence within search.

There are multiple types of ad extensions from clickable to non clickable, desktop only and specific for a mobile. Ad extensions are not guaranteed to show every time as they go into the calculation for your Ad Rank, so their appearance will also depend on your quality scores and CPC bids. There is no cost to apply ad extensions to your advert, however, you will be charged as usual for a click anywhere on your ad or interaction with your ad, for example an App download or click to call.

So, let’s take a look at what all these extensions are and how they appear within your advert, starting with the fairly common ad extensions:


Sitelink Clickable Desktop/Tablet/Mobile
Callouts Non-Clickable Desktop/Tablet/Mobile
Call Clickable* Desktop/Tablet/Mobile
Reviews Clickable** Desktop Only
Seller Ratings Clickable*** Desktop/Tablet/Mobile
Structured Snippets Non-Clickable Desktop/Tablet/Mobile

*On a mobile when clicked this will call the number, on desktop this will offer to call from Skype

**Once clicked this will take you to the source of the review e.g. Trustpilot

***Once clicked this will take you to Google Surveys where the reviews and ratings are captured

Next up the newer extensions on the scene:


Price Extensions Clickable Desktop/Tablet/Mobile
Consumer Ratings Clickable^ Desktop/Tablet/Mobile
App Extensions Clickable^^ Mobile & Tablet Only
Message Extensions Clickable^^^ Mobile Only
Location Extensions Clickable^^^^ Desktop/Tablet/Mobile

^Once clicked this will take you to Google Surveys where the reviews are captured

^^This click will take you to where you can download the app or start the download

^^^ Once clicked this will open their messaging app with your pre-populated message

^^^^ This click will take you to Google maps to provide assistance to find their local store

The last thing to mention on ad extensions is that AdWords have introduced automatic extensions, where AdWords create and display certain formats when they predict they’ll improve your ad’s performance. There is no set-up required as AdWords will self populate information, which has its negatives and positives. The formats which are eligible for automatic extensions are:

  • Dynamic Sitelinks
  • Dynamis Callouts
  • Dynamic Structured Snippets
  • Previous Visits
  • Seller Ratings
  • Consumer Ratings
  • Longer ad headlines
  • Automatic Call Extensions

You can opt out for these within your AdWords account by:

Opt out of automatic extensions

That concludes a quick rundown of what ad extensions are available and how they will appear with your ad in search. There’s a lot of opportunity when it comes to your ads retail space in search and it’s about maximising this to improve the performance of your ad campaigns.

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