2016’s Digital Marketing Must Do’s

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As 2015 bids us farewell and we come kicking and screaming into 2016, the need to address the ever savvy consumer and business buyer is top of mind for most business development and marketing professionals.

The need for personalisation and engagement is key and below is list of areas ‘to do’s’ when planning digital marketing campaigns.

Engaging content

Blogs remain a successful means to share your products and services to your target audience. However, due to them being highly adopted, blogs alone will not help you stand out from your competitors. Creative, channel appropriate content is highly recommended. Some examples may include launching a YouTube channel or communicating via live streaming, both of which are inexpensive and highly engaging.

Page speed and user experience

In a world where people are increasingly busy, your visitors will expect exceptional and seamless user experience in order to consider engaging with your site. Slow loading pages, poor functionality or websites not optimised for all devices will inevitably see bounce rates rocket and have a damaging, long term effect on your company.

Think mobile

A big mistake many companies make is to overlook the share of mobile users. ComScore reported in March 2015 the number of U.S. adult mobile-only internet users now exceeds desktop only users, a trend which is likely to reach beyond the U.S. Despite the vast majority of people using more than 1 platform to access the internet, this shift highlights how vital mobile specific campaigns, content and user experience are.

Humanise your brand

Give your company a human feel and allow your audience to connect and interact with people, not a faceless email address or online forms. Great examples of these include Apple’s Steve Jobs and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. Granted not all companies have their influence but the human approach should not be overlooked.

Tailored remarketing strategies

Remarketing campaigns are very popular and can have great results. However, many do not perform to their full potential as they are not as tailored as they could be. Despite this being a time consuming process, it will most likely prove valuable. The common mistake is to remarket everyone who has visited any section of your website and take them to your home page. Why not take visitors back to the content they were specifically interested in and give yourself a greater chance of users converting?

Utilising influencers to promote your brand

Big or small your company and/or industry will nearly always have influential contributors. Strategic marketing incorporating these influencers will pay dividends by positioning your product within your target market which may include previously difficult to reach demographics while providing great credibility for your brand.

Social media marketing channels you can’t ignore

Lots of companies fail to look beyond Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as social media platforms to market themselves. Which social avenues you adopt is very unique to each company, however, there are a wealth of channels including Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, Meerkat and Periscope which all warrant investigation. The live streaming which the latter three allow provides a great opportunity to show your audience behind the scenes footage, allow your most powerful influencers to takeover your output, share invaluable live Q&A sessions and perhaps most notably launch new products.

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Darren Parsons
Darren is a member of Digital Clarity’s account management team. He has a wide interest and vast experience in sport sponsorship and marketing having worked in the industry for 9 years. Darren keeps up to date with market trends and enjoys facilitating the strategies companies use to digitally enhance their profile and visibility via various platforms.