How to do B2B marketing better

There has never been a better time for B2B companies right now – across the board.

The traditional routes to market for companies have become more streamlined and buying intent is more accessible.

The challenge however is to understand the shift in mindset as to how B2B buyers move across the cycle. Understanding this, should help focus your marketing activities.

I’m my recent podcast, which you can listen to link below, I mentioned a series of podcasts to help B2B CMOs, Marketing Directors and general marketing enthusiasts, do marketing better.

To do things better we need to fundamentally understand a number of things before we get into the weeds.

As this is such a broad and complex topic, I thought it would best to break this down into a few bite size chunks.

So, to start off with, what has changed and what is changing.

B2B marketing- 4 core areas of recent change

Microsoft and LinkedIn 

Since Microsoft’s takeover of LinkedIn, the age group has changed. This means some of the services are changing – it is Microsoft’s social network after all.

This begs the question, Will Microsoft merge aspects of LinkedIn into MS Viva alongside all its other services to take on the likes of Salesforce? Watch this space.

The B2B marketplace 

Another area of change is the market itself. B2B is a big market – people are realising this. Not only is it big, it is diverse and such, has diverse media platforms at its disposal. LinkedIn is no longer the sole reserve of B2B – new players are in town. Think TikTok. B2B brands and their customers are using both

Post pandemic era 

The pandemic happened. This has fundamentally changed the B2B buyer. This has led to the need for a change in messaging, approach and brand positioning.

Marketing to sale – direct

B2B buyers are happy to bypass sales and buy direct. Here is a link to  a recent post that talks about this – Doubling Down on Content in 2022

The B2B Omnichannel 

People currently  taking a traditional approach, need to add or complement to their marketing armoury.

The only constant is change

The above are just a few of the changes that have taken place but as with all things in the B2B sector, nothing stands still for long. Always be prepared for change.

Come back for part two and the others to learn more about:

  • Personas
  • Human to human
  • Go to market Strategy
  • B2B Content that resonates
  • Dark Social & Attribution

Remember, we need to:

“Create conversation not conversion”.

See you again soon for part 2.


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