Verity Smith

Verity graduated from Brighton University and is working within content creation and social media at Digital Clarity. With time spent at agency DWA and technology group Limelight, Verity brings a creative approach to projects, blended with a commercial aspect that is underpinned, with her ability to analyse campaign data. Verity is a keen horse rider and fashionista.

Online Shopping vs Offline Shopping

It’s no secret that high street brands are losing momentum, often from failing to keep up with the digital age… is it possible to gain the momentum back for offline shopping or does the future only have space for digital?

Everything You Need to Know About Match Types

In the PPC world, keywords are somewhat controllable, in terms of you can choose what keywords trigger your ads to appear.

How Much Time Should I Spend on Social Media for my Business?

Social media is a hugely important aspect of digital marketing. FACT. Yet 24% of small business' still aren't investing time and money in to it.... Here are 6 reasons why you should devote time in to social media marketing.

Digital Marketing Strategy For The Travel Industry

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The Voice Search Revolution

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Social Media Lends a Hand to Fashion

We, as social media users forget that before Twitter/ Instagram/Facebook etc, were invented, certain topics were not as widely discussed as they are now… How can we find trends?

Digital Marketing for Fashion Brands

Digital marketing can make a huge impact on a number of things; however, as London Fashion Week has just ended, it is relevant to discuss how fashion and digital marketing wed well together.