Shareena Grewal

Shareena Grewal graduated from Southampton Solent University, where she achieved a 2:1 in Media Culture & Production. Shareena comes to Digital Clarity with a background in media, including event planning, production and marketing. As well as this, Shareena has been certified by the IDM (Institute of Direct & Digital Marketing) and specialises in social media, helping clients to define, curate and grow their brands online.

Advertisement Overdose

Advertising is everywhere, we can’t escape it. Just think how many advertisements you have seen today? At the bus stop, on your phone, and in a newspaper, it has become a subconscious consumption.

Convenience Vs Privacy

Facebook is planning to launch mobile payments using their Facebook Messenger App. Users will be able to add a credit or debit card to a Facebook account and send across money to friends via the messenger application.

Keep your Identity Safe on Social Media

Countless social media platforms exist in today’s world, every year younger generations are introduced to the internet and social media becomes a ‘must have’ to stay in trend.

Businesses on Social Media: Know your Demographic

What was the first social platform you remember? Look back at the days where there was one instant messaging service and one dominant social platform.

Apple’s Marketing: The September Launch

This month has been filled with new technological releases. Apple have introduced a number of new products and software updates which have created anticipation and high competition.

S-Commerce: E-Commerce Integration with Social Media

Integration is key for brands. Whether it’s integration of brand platforms or integrated content, a brand’s presence needs to be spread across the web.

Social Media Tips for Businesses: Dealing With Online Criticism

Have you ever been in a situation where information has gotten into the wrong hands, or even been untrue, and when trying to correct it, that situation is made worse?

The Speed of Breaking News

In recent years social media has become the first sight for many of us in the morning. We wake up; check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms, unconsciously consuming social news and world headlines.