Rachel Mepham

With over 15 years’ experience in Digital Marketing, Rachel heads up the team at Digital Clarity. With a deep skill set in the Paid Search, Social Media and Analytics, Rachel is regarded by both clients and peers as one of the most experienced and prolific women in the UK digital space. Her approach and application to digital strategy planning has been used by some of the biggest brands as well as leading advertising and marketing agencies.

3 Mind-Blowing Tips for Using Google Trends To Build A Relevant Marketing Strategy

Find our how Google Trends can help to build a timely and relevant marketing strategy.

How Startups Can Build a Digital Marketing Strategy

Whether you are an established business or an ambitious startup, there are some fundamental rules to planning your digital marketing strategy.

What Do Jigsaws, DIY and Hair Clippers All Have in Common?

During Covid-19 lockdown ‘Jigsaw puzzles’ are seeing a huge peak in searches and both gardening and DIY stores have seen an increase in search volume as people try to keep busy whilst staying home.

How to Adapt Your Digital Marketing Strategy in Uncertain Times

For every situation, there are a number of opportunities as well as threats. So it is important to take a step back and review your business and identify where the threats are and where the opportunities are. 

What is a Good Conversion Rate on PPC?

This is the first episode of our FAQ series so please subscribe to our YouTube Channel to keep up to date.

What Type of Digital Agency do I Need?

You know you need one, but how do you know the right type of digital agency or consultancy for you and your business needs?

Why You Are Failing to Reach Your Target Customers Online

Targeting the right customers at the right time requires a combination of the right knowledge and expertise, along with a detailed knowledge of understanding analytics and data.

Why Your PPC Advertising Is Not Working

Pay Per Click advertising on Google Ads alone can't always grow your business. The market has changed and it’s tougher than ever out there. There are more choices than ever, more messaging than ever and more reviews than ever.

How to Write a Digital Marketing Brief

This is dedicated to all clients and prospects old and new, as well as agencies trying to make some headway with a woolly brief.

Turning B2B Advertising into Actual ROI

Having worked on a vast number of B2B projects in my time, one of the biggest challenges is reporting on sales, revenue and ROI.

What Brexit Might Mean for Search Marketers

The Prime Minister has an agreement with the European Union but still needs Parliament to support the agreement otherwise who knows what might happen. But what impact is Brexit having on search marketing?

How to Connect With the Mobile Consumer

2018 has to be the proof that there is no going back! Mobile now exceeds desktop searches, website visits are dominated by mobile traffic, add to that voice search, mobile video consumption and personal assistants, and it is clear to see that the year of mobile is definitely upon us.