Rachel Mepham

With over 15 years’ experience in Digital Marketing, Rachel heads up the team at Digital Clarity. With a deep skill set in the Paid Search, Social Media and Analytics, Rachel is regarded by both clients and peers as one of the most experienced and prolific women in the UK digital space. Her approach and application to digital strategy planning has been used by some of the biggest brands as well as leading advertising and marketing agencies.

Think Out Loud Podcast – Special Guest: Hannah Brandt – HLB Lifestyle – Ep.18

Today’s special guest is an energetic, motivated, fitness guru, proving to women that you can have your cake and eat it.

Agency Proposals Are Not Worth The Paper They Are Printed On

How can an external agency possibly provide a relevant, realistic and useful proposal without fully understanding your business? They can’t!

Think Out Loud Podcast – Special Guest Sara Giddens – Ep 14

Explore episode 14 of Think Out Loud Podcast. Rachel Mepham interviews Special Guest - Sara Giddens of Kahua.com

What are Google FLoCs?

Explainer video looking at some confusing terms including FLoCs, cookies, first party and third party data.

The Must-Have B2B Guide To Calculating a Realistic Cost Per Qualified Lead

An easy to follow guide on calculating a realistic Cost Per Qualified (CPQ) lead.

Are You Wasting Budget On Low Quality Leads?

Are you looking to improve the quality of your leads within your current budget? Or are you happy to keep wasting money on poor enquiries? Let’s explore 5 steps to getting better quality leads from your budget.

Is Covid-19 Being Blamed For Your Marketing Shortfalls?

Read the top 12 reasons your website traffic is likely to be down and possible ways to fix it. From analytics to the weather; always question your data.

How To Fix Your SEO Results…

...when you don’t know what’s broken. If you are looking to fix your SEO, you need to understand the ins and outs of the problems.

91% Of New Business Calls Are Not Answered

We ran a study of over 3,000 new business calls, the numbers were astonishing! With people not answering the phone how can sales people sell?

Is Your Website Analytics Data, or Your Agency, Twisting the Truth?

The thing about website analytics data is that without it, you are running blind. However sometimes it can mislead or even bend the truth!

What Makes People Buy? | Marketing, Selling And The Decision Making Brain

If we could just understand a little more about how and why people make decisions, then maybe we could understand how to sell to them.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

There are so many factors to contributing to how much SEO costs. Understand the variables and how much you should be investing on SEO.