Mel Hosegood

Working within the commercial team of Digital Clarity, Mel works with forward-thinking organisations that have a clear idea of their business goals and are ambitious about scaling their business, digitally.

With over 12 years of experience working in the digital industry in a variety of customer-facing roles, Mel is passionate about all areas of the marketing mix.

Mel’s background hails from helping well-known brands grow their digital departments by creating strategic human capital programmes, through to consulting for medium to large enterprises across a number of industry verticals.

Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy

Since 2000 there has been a staggering 63% increase in the number of UK businesses, does your digital strategy help you to stand out from the crowd?

Mobile Finance; What does the Future Hold for the Banking App?

More and more people are accessing their accounts via a mobile device as well as carrying out research and search enquiries.

New Mobile Behaviours Create a New Consumer Journey

I defy anyone in the cold, dark month of January to not think for one moment how nice it would be basking on a beach somewhere. In the past few years, conversion rates have grown by 88% on mobile travel sites.

Posted 5 decades ago.


Posted 5 decades ago.