Joanna Wild

Joanna Wild is a fully qualified Google AdWords professional with expertise in search and social. She has written blogs on reporting, analytics and up and coming technology and knows everything you need to know about analysing data and making sense of numbers.

Can Bing Ever Truly Rival Google?

Bing is in a strong position to grow and become a bigger rival to Google. Experian Hitwise reports increased levels of searches being carried out and that of this increase, traffic to Microsoft search sites have seen the biggest % increase.

How to Build Quality Links Now SEO Has Changed

‘Black hat’ SEO techniques are easy to implement, however with Google’s algorithm continuing to get much smarter, these ‘dodgy’ links can, and do, end up doing more harm than good.

Google Offer Extensions – Track Offline to Online

Google recently announced the arrival of Enhanced Campaigns in the UK which allow you to target ads more specifically by time, location and device, all from one campaign.

Twitter Using Actual Humans alongside its Algorithm

Twitter has announced developments to its search function which will change how we discover breaking news. The 3 step process will help to solve the problem of context by using “crowdsourced human evaluators”, as up to now this problem has not been solved with computers alone.

Facebook vs Google | Social vs Search

Following on from my blog post on 11th July 2010 Bing vs. Google I touched on the forces of Facebook to take on the mighty Google.

91% of all Internet Traffic will be Video by 2014

An interesting report was released by Cisco earlier this week that was incorporated in the companies Visual Network Index (VNI) stating that Video Will make Up 91% of all Internet Traffic by 2014. The 91% includes streaming, file sharing, uploading, downloading and progressive download.

Man v Machine – a look at Pay-per-Click Management Tools

There are several forum topics doing the rounds questioning which PPC management tool is the best!

Google Centralises Sponsored Links

Is it just me or are Google trying to be more aggressive with their sponsored listings?


As Mobile marketing grows, so do the services and solutions available. TextAnywhere has been a provider of SMS services since 2002, and by focusing in this core area it has allowed TextAnywhere to offer a superior and extremely cost effective set of text-messaging services to clients looking to send and receive SMS messages.

Bing – Can Microsoft Deliver?

With the launch of Microsoft’s new ‘decision engine’ Bing, everyone is talking about the intelligent way in which it delivers results by interpreting what you’re searching for as well as the potential impact this will have on Google’s market share.

Commercial use of Twitter – Guy Kawasaki speaks

Over lunch at Search Engine Strategies New York, it was apparent that one word was on everyone’s lips - Twitter. The burning question was how to obtain the best potential use of the micro blog in a commercial entity.

Econsultancy Emerging Trends Meeting 2009

The evening included a highly insightful presentation surrounding Digital Trends and a recap on 2008 from Ex Littlewoods E-commerce Director, Ian Jindal now Chief Editor of the Internet Retailing Magazine.