Jenny Farnfield

Jenny Farnfield graduated from Southampton Solent University with a 2:1 Degree in Advertising, and brings extensive commercial, digital and marketing acumen to the team at Digital Clarity. Jenny has been recognised by both UK Search Awards and the Ecommerce Awards. Jenny is also IDM certified, and utilises a rigorous, granular approach to digital marketing. With over 6 years’ experience, Jenny digs deep to find solutions and uses an immersive approach in her accounts, turning numbers and data into actionable solutions for her clients.

Part 5: Successful Social Media Strategy for Nonprofits

Estimated Reading Time [est_time] Social media;

Part 4: Successful SEO Strategy for Nonprofits

SEO, known as search engine optimisation, free search, Google listings, and so on, whatever you call it, SEO best practices should always be applied. Google have over 200 ranking signals

Part 3: Successful PPC Strategy for Nonprofits

Paid search, my livelihood, my passion, my relax time and my time to geek out! I love paid search.

Part 2: Successful Website Analytics for Nonprofits

Web analytics is an Aladdin's cave for anyone with a website.

Part 1: Successful Digital Strategy for Nonprofits

Not for profit: lack of budget or lack of digital knowledge?

ASO: App Store Optimisation

What is ASO? In June 2016 Statista released data on Android users being able to chose between 2.2 million apps and Apple customers having a 2 million available. That's without mentioning the 669K in the Windows Store, 600k with Amazon and Blackberry offering 234.5k.

50% of Sales Happen in the 8 Weeks Before Christmas

Christmas sales are set to increase by 10% online, 3.4% in store At the end of a scorching summer and kids going back to school, the next logical thing to think about is Christmas, of course! If you’re selling online, you need to start planning your campaigns now (if not last month).

Google’s Expanded Text Ads Are Here!

On the 1st June, we posted a quick summary from the Google AdWords Summit outlining a few changes to look forward to within our AdWords accounts. The first change to show an appearance is Expanded Ads.

Google Search Partners: What are they and how can you optimise?

Google defines Search Partners as allowing your ads to appear on their Search Partners including search results pages, site directories and other pages related to the person's search.

Google AdWords: 5 Big Changes – Everything You Need to Know

The Google Performance Summit is something quite exciting for the PPC and data nerds out there, but it’s also exciting for the clients we work for. It creates deeper opportunities and new ways to show their brand tonality and get their products found online.

How Brands can Boost Conversions from Programmatic

Programmatic advertising can be a complex science of mixing the right audience, the best placement and optimised bid. This method of advertising can be daunting to start with but when you get going, you’ll question why you never started earlier.

How to optimise Pinterest to boost your SEO

Pinterest, within the group of visual social media platforms, has been around for a number of years. Whether it’s to find some hair inspiration for your wedding or maybe an infographic for work, Pinterest will have it. This huge database of imagery and articles being shared and pinned around the web is like a digital pin board of ideas and creativity - but in the palm of your hand. Hello millennial consumer.