Jenny Farnfield

Jenny Farnfield graduated from Southampton Solent University with a 2:1 Degree in Advertising, and brings extensive commercial, digital and marketing acumen to the team at Digital Clarity. Jenny has been recognised by both UK Search Awards and the Ecommerce Awards. Jenny is also IDM certified, and utilises a rigorous, granular approach to digital marketing. With over 6 years’ experience, Jenny digs deep to find solutions and uses an immersive approach in her accounts, turning numbers and data into actionable solutions for her clients.

Supplemental Feed in Google Shopping

A data feed is the fundamental start to creating a Google Shopping campaign. In recent months Google has introduced Supplemental Feeds, which can be connected to existing Primary Feeds.

What is Parallel Tracking in Google Ads?

Come October, Parallel Tracking will become a mandatory field for everyone in Google Ads. This is a blog explaining how Google ads will handle tracking your requests.

How Long Should My Meta Description Be?

Back in December 2017, Google confirmed that they had increased the character count of meta descriptions from 160 to 320 characters. Now, in recent news Google has confirmed they have shortened meta descriptions...just 5 months after the increase.

What Does Above The Fold Mean?

The fold; 1 definition but multiple reasons to be aware of it. The fold is a complicated topic, especially in recent years, with the fold being unique depending on screen size.


Digital Clarity get invited to quarterly events hosted by the Squared team at the vibrant beach themed Google Digital Skills Academy in Victoria.

A Marketers Guide to Google Trips

With millennials now carving the trends path and dictating what's hot and what's not, it’s no wonder Google are making it easier for them to travel the world and feed into their wanderlust.

What is Progressive Web Apps (PWA)?

A progressive web application (PWA) is a hybrid internet revolution. This new web technology enhances UX giving the user more opportunity.

Google AdWords Update: Exact not so Exact anymore

Previously a close variant would match to plurals, typos, abbreviations, adverbs etc, which kind of makes sense.

AdWords Ad Extensions

They are there to enhance your advert by adding more value and improved visibility for your ad campaigns, including creating a larger retail space and prominence within search.

Advanced PPC Strategies

Going in circles with negative keywords, site extensions and quality scores? Below we have some strategies which will get your thinking caps on and get the creative juices flowing!

Google Automated Extensions: Call Extensions

Google predicts mobile search engines will drive nearly 33 billion click-to-calls using the Google call ad extension.

Google Search Change History 2016

Below we have outlined a timeline of search events which impacted the Google search results page and in effect PPC and SEO strategies across all businesses and industries!