Grace Bethell

Grace Bethell is a BA (hons) Advertising graduate from Southampton Solent University. She has specialised in Digital Marketing as well as being certified in Direct and Digital Marketing by the Institute of Direct Marketing (IDM). Grace wrote her thesis on Social Media, focusing on how brands engage through visual social media platforms. Grace works within the Inbound Search & Social team at Digital Clarity and manages accounts across a range of multi-disciplined verticals.

Beginner’s guide to LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn announced the launch of the Lead Accelerator program last month which promises better reach to your target market by advertising on LinkedIn but what does this actually mean for marketers?

What is Dynamic Search?

Dynamic search is different to any other campaign; Dynamic Search works by automatically showing your advert based on the content on your website therefore you do not need to use keywords. You may hear that Dynamic search campaigns are easy to maintain as the adverts headlines are atomically generated based on the pages on your site, but there is actually less chance of being successful as you should optimise this campaign the same way you do with any other campaign by looking at the data.

Promoted Tweets, best practice from Twitter

Using Twitter advertising is not that different from how you would use Twitter organically. Although there are a few things which you need to know before you begin using or planning to use promoted tweets as a form of advertising.

Location, Location, Location: Mobile Is Where Brands Should Be In 2015

Mobile is anticipated to be this year’s must-have in your marketing plan and it is easy to see why; Google reported that mobile search increased by 200% last year, with a quarter of paid search on 2014 being spent on marketing to tablet and smartphone devices.

How mobile impacts your consumer’s in-store journey

With Black Friday on the horizon, Google has highlighted a dramatic shift and growing trend within the retail industry. Google has partnered with Ipsos MediaCT and Sterling Brands for an in-depth online survey. The study highlights that smart phones are increasingly becoming a huge part of a consumer’s retail in-store experience; retailers have the opportunity to grab their consumer’s attention by transforming their journey into the digital era.

How Location targeting can improve your ROI

Customers are at the core of any business.

E-Commerce during the Christmas Period

Brands are already getting their advertising campaigns into full swing to ensure they are the top performing brand this coming season. Last year consumers spent a huge £91 billion within the Christmas season, which was up 18 percent from 2012.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Lessons Learned about Viral Marketing

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has taken the digital world by storm. ALS itself has no apparent connection to phenomenon; the campaign itself has a rather unclear origin.

Advertising on Social Media Made Simple – Facebook

Facebook state that organic reach in Facebook is declining. This is due to posts and content being created and shared every day.  There is now far more content being made than there is time to absorb it.

Advertising on Social Media Made Simple – Twitter

There is always debate over which social media platforms are appropriate for consumers, brands and engagement. However, there are so many more factors about social media which marketers don’t seem to understand.

How Facebook’s Algorithm Really Works

Understanding how to improve your Facebook page starts with learning how Facebook works; EdgeRank is Facebook’s version of Google Page Rank.

Why Your Blog Articles Are Not Reaching a Larger Audience

Today, blogs are something every product category are writing, everyone knows that blogs need to be engaging for your audience, but have you ever wondered why your articles are not reaching a larger audience?