Addy Smith

Addy is Inbound Marketing and PPC account manager for Digital Clarity. Having gained a Bachelors of the Arts degree in Media and English, Addy has worked in the Social Media, PR and Communications industry for a number of sectors, including the fashion industry and a London based boutique jewelry start-up.

What does Twitters new Mute button mean for Marketers?

Twitter has now released their new little feature, a mute button which will be rolled out over the next few weeks. This will now become a way in which users can sift who they listen to within their Twitter feed without actually deleting or blocking accounts. 

How can I use Social Media for eCommerce?

As I’m sure many marketers are aware, social media is absolutely an integral part of their online marketing campaign for many reasons; branding, SEO, authority and reputation.

Podcast 1 – Up and Coming Adwords Product Developments

Hello there and good morning, my name is Reggie James and I am joined here by Addy Smith here at Portland house. Following on from the requests from people who read our blogs and follow us on social via social media, from clients and emails, we are recording the first podcast in a series of podcast which look at the many changes within the digital spectrum.

The Google AdWords change that will affect your PPC

April 22nd at 5PM UK and 9AM PST is the day Google are releasing their big updates to Google AdWords which any user of PPC needs to be aware of.

5 Changes to Social Media that will affect your business this quarter

This year so far in social has been in a whirlwind of acquisitions, changes and radical movements which are reflecting not only within advertising, but within communities and businesses.

The Death of Peaches and the Power of Trends

It is utterly incredible at which the pace of the internet moves. Absolutely finished are the times when in order to hear about a breaking news headline you have to wait for the morning paper or tune in to a radio station, or better yet, even be on a news channel.

Is Facebook becoming too big for Facebook?

Facebook has absolutely catapulted itself in front of every user, start up and news headline over the past 12 months. Their acquisitions, new projects, milestones and even their parties are being rammed down the throats of every individual with an electronic device. But the question has to be asked, to what outcome?

Just Stop Blogging. It Won’t Increase Your Sales.

In 2014, 58% of businesses plan to increase their content marketing budget (Content Marketing institute). But why? In the digital spectrum of 2014, everyone is a blogger. I am, Matt Cutts is and your mum probably is too.

What is Programmatic Advertising and why is it Important?

There’s no doubt about it, the advertising market is changing and it’s changing pretty rapidly to say the least. The way in which we consume advertising, the platforms that are being used and also how audiences are being targeted each work in tandem.

Digital Clarity Ranks 8th as UK top Social Media Marketing Agency

In a highly competitive market and for the third month running in 2014, Digital Clarity has been ranked #8 in the UK’s Top SEO agencies category for its most recent winners in the Best Social Media Marketing companies in the UK.

How Social Media can Increase Sales in eCommerce

Social media is one of the biggest activities online right now, of which we are all very much aware of. Syncing up your social media with your ecommerce site can provide invaluable returns in regards to sales, revenue and often forgotten, reputation.

Will Facebook Win the War of Paper?

It seems Facebook couldn't get in the public eye enough last week, with the company launching its new app “Paper” in the states and having its tenth birthday last week, even more talk and controversy surrounded the social media platform