Let’s face it, you will have seen countless hints and tips about enhancing your profile on Linkedin. I agree there’s a lot out there.

Why bother I hear you ask? 

Well given that most companies have been impacted by a year long and erratic lockdown, this is the ideal opportunity to brush up and polish your LinkedIn profile.

So I just wanted to share 3 quick tips that have worked for me. 

As companies look to navigate through the next phase of the economy and deal with a varied series of issues, your company and personal profile could reach their eyeballs and trigger interest.

Here are 3 tips you can use. If done well, it will be the first step to building your brand on the world’s most powerful business network.

1- LinkedIn Learning

This is a must. A goldmine of resources, hints and tips by leaders in their field.

LinkedIn Learning is often overlooked as many see it as time consuming or not right for them.

The reality is somewhat different.

LinkedIn learning can be used on the go. There is also a separate mobile app so you can watch videos; listen to podcasts or read articles about how to build your personal brand on LinkedIn and beyond.

Some of the topics include:

  • Speaking Confidently and Effectively
  • Selling with Empathy during Uncertain Times
  • Eight Easy Ways to Make Your Presentation Stand Out
  • The Science of Sales

As you’ll notice, these are powerful and engaging topics that are worth exploring, no matter where you are on your LinkedIn journey.

Find out more about LinkedIn Learning ???? here

2 – Turn your summary into your story

Many of the profiles you view on LinkedIn likely read as though they are a corporate profile of people selling their wares.

In some cases, there is so much techno-babble, it’s hard to even understand what the person or their company does. In short, it’s a big barrier that will stop your prospective customer reading past the first few lines.

One of the best ways to try and tell your story is to create a narrative. Like any good story, create something that will look to get engagement; what will your ideal customer want to see or read? 

Tell your story. Make it personal where you see fit so that it gives the reader a more rounded view of yourself, not just what you do day to day.

If you want to engage with CEOs, an example of this could be:

Most CEOs I meet tell me the struggle with 3 things. They are…

Then you could add: 

As a CEO, and having worked with numerous business leaders over the years, I have helped achieve an average growth of XX.

Could I help you?

One book that I’ve found really useful is by Don Miller called Story Brand. You can find out more about it ???? here 

3 – Enhance & clarify your job title

Once a status symbol or a simple way to put someone in a box, the traditional job title has changed.

Like the example above about profile, rather than talking about what you do, talk about how you can help. 

So a simple example of this could be the example below.

Job Title [What you do]: SEO Specialist 

Alternative [How you help]: I make sure you’re top, when people search for your business online 

How you help someone is far more interesting than listing your daily responsibilities.

Overall, these three tips are a good start point to help you focus on building your profile on LinkedIn. 

It will help you stand out and show empathy. In time, and  as your refine other areas of your profile it will help boost your opportunity to engage. 

I hope you find these tips useful. If so, let me know. Thanks.

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