Reporting & Testing

Making Sense of Data

Without a clear understanding of data and analytics it can be difficult to make decisions. Bespoke dashboards allow clear reporting of data and results.

All channels of online advertising include visits and interactions with your website and brand profiles across social media channels. Tapping into these data streams and analysing user behaviour and interaction is the key to building successful online marketing strategies.

Search Marketing
Premium analytics

In Depth Analysis

Digital Clarity’s bespoke reporting and years of experience mean we can provide an exceptional level of insight.
Understanding how the elements are connected helps make better judgement and more positive returns. Learn more about our tailored reporting by contacting the team.

Integration With Internal Reports

Helping your internal team to report on external data

Bespoke Reporting

Your goals, your data, your needs, your report

Attribution and Funnels

Allocation of sales and conversions to the most relevant channel based on first, last or other interaction

Trend Analysis

Prediction models based on past and current data

Keyword Performance

How, what and when people are searching


Transaction, product, revenue, ROI and ATV data to reflect your business targets