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Social Advertising Digital Clarity

Social Engagement

Digital Clarity can help elevate your brand. We can drive sales and engagement across the right targeted communities, delivering the right message and content while measuring real-time interaction and conversions. To learn more about our Social Media Advertising capabilities and success stories, please contact a member of the team.

Targeted Engagement

The growth of social media channels has created a large advertising platform for targeted engagement. The growth in social media revenues through mobile advertising has created a number of clever advertising opportunities that continue to challenge the established, traditional channels.

Social Advertising Digital Clarity

Audience Segmentation

Use channels such as Facebook and breakdown target markets by gender, age, interests and much more

Ad Exchange

An Ad Exchange lets you buy (and sell) media by bidding across a wide variety of sites grouped into ad networks


When visitors to your site do not make an immediate conversion, remarketing allows you to deliver an ad to that visitor

Real-Time Bidding (RTB)

Real time bidding allows you to buy advertising inventory programmatically by setting parameters

Google Ad Network

From text to video advertising, Google’s Advertising Network allows you to run and manage campaigns from one platform

Facebook Network

Facebook is now a powerful tool for business helping you reach you target audience to drive online sales