Structured Data has been developed by an open community process that is the vocabulary for structured data supported by all major search engines including Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Yandex. The schema vocabulary is a standard of property and ‘type’ names that help machines understand the data structure. Data in the vocabulary can be embedded in HTML pages by using any of three alternative formats – microdata, RDFa, and JSON-LD. Learn more about structured data and schema by contacting Digital Clarity.

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Promoting Content Intelligently in Search

Structured data markup is process of annotating content so that search engine robots (or machines) can make sense of it. In short, using structured data markup can help create an enhanced listing on search engines making results richer and more prominent. In search engines like Google, structured data markup helps in 2 main ways –
• Enhanced Presentation in Search Results
– Rich snippets
– Site links
– Breadcrumbs
• Answers from the Knowledge Graph – authoritative data on
– Events
– Reviews
– Video plays etc.

Digital Clarity encompass structured data in its SEO planning.