Onsite Optimisation

Technically Sound

A search engine evaluates a website in a different way from a human being. Beyond the aesthetics, the search engine robot looks at a variety of different factors, such as coding, site architecture, keywords and meta data. From broken links to XML sitemaps, the way your site is viewed by the robot is crucial.

Responsive Design

Understanding Site Architechture

Whether new or well established, all sites are threatened to continual change in search engine algorithms. Search algorithms change due to the sheer growth of web pages as well having to adapt to outside factors like the growth of mobile devices. Digital Clarity are experts at onsite SEO and can provide a full technical compliance audit as part of a larger SEO service. Learn more by contacting the team.


Checking valid coding architecture within your CSS

Crawl Errors

Our technology reports will help you see what Google sees and fix broken links


Understanding content layout and formation clusters, including long form and content quality


Good site structure allows to you be crawled and displayed better by engines like Google


Developing strong site navigation with an indexed site map structure helps SEO


Robots link search engine patterns to determine quality sites and aid SEO