Humans v Tools

3rd party optimisation tools can be an efficient way to optimise bulk keywords in a PPC account, but don’t forget the human touch. By using a combination of the two an effective optimisation strategy can be reached.

Technology can only take your account so far. Without the learnings and understanding of the outside world a straight forward CPC strategy may be missing a piece of the puzzle.

Optimise for results

What does optimisation mean? Making things more effective or efficient. This can only be achieved by making decisions based on results. The more data available the better the analysis of the results to help optimisation.

It is also highly dependent on the goals and expectations of the PPC campaigns. Only by understanding all aspects of the data can an account be truly optimised for success. Is a high CTR always a good thing? No. In isolation you will not know if this positive or negative. Look at the whole picture and make decisions on whole data.


Bid Strategies

Consider results not just ranking

Match Types

Broad, broad match modifier, phrase, exact and negative are all ways to increase relevance and avoid wastage

Ad Copy Testing

Can be the hardest data to analyse, but with controlled testing you can learn which elements are the most effective overall

Search Query

Understand what people are actually typing in, not just what you are bidding for

Budget Management

A little like spread betting, you put your budget into a mix of keywords. By managing budgets effectively you can increase results

Competitor Research

Keeping an eye on the auction and the market place allows a better understanding of what you should be spending, bidding, and blocking