Keywords and Semantic Grouping

As the capacity of search engines broadens, simple keyword research has developed into keyword themes and semantic grouping. How consumers search is more complex and educated, with long tail keywords leading the way.

By understanding how and what people are searching for and overall search behaviours, PPC and SEO strategies are now based on real activities rather than assumptions.

SEO Copywriting

The Importance of Keywords

It is still as important as ever to bid for the keywords your customers are actually searching for. Whether it be paid or natural search, people are using verbal, written and visual searches which are all tied into keywords.

Keywords, key phrases or search terms all help consumers find what they’re looking for. Negative keywords, match types, search queries, misspells lead the way to cost effective PPC (and SEO) strategies.

Search Volume

The more people there are looking for your keywords, the more likely you are to get exposure and engagement – although it’s likely to be more competitive and expensive


Themed and categorised searches are becoming more important as the way people use search engines changes


Rather than product grouping of keywords, the structure of a PPC account is being driven by the search themes


Think about keywords your audience will use – how do they see your product?


Broad keywords bring volume; relevance brings ROI


Target by local keywords, postcodes, cities, towns, areas, countries, states, villages, hang outs, shopping centres