Google AdWords

Over 80% of search engine market share

StatCounter reports that Google’s search engine market share in Q1 2015 is 89% worldwide. You can’t argue with the numbers, so if you customers to find your website, you need to be on Google.

We eat, breathe and sleep Search Engine Marketing and have been around since before AdWords existed as a platform. If you want ROI from Google AdWords, we can help.

Google AdWords
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An instant route to market

Google AdWords offers an instant route to market. Paid search is measurable, controllable and transparent, so every penny spent is trackable.

Understand results using the Google AdWords reporting suite or further enhance the data via Google Analytics reporting.

Keyword Optimisation

We consider campaigns, AdGroups, match types, negatives, audience targeting and time of day in order to crack the keyword structure

Ad Testing

Ad rotation and optimisation creates data sets. Apply the data to drive the most effective ads forward

Reporting & Analysis

Schedule, email and run instant reports to show how many clicks you’ve driven as well as conversions, sales and leads


Recapture those customers with interest but lacking commitment. Retarget them with tailored ads to draw them back in

Dynamic Targeting

Targeting any keywords you may be missing with relevant ad copy


Run effectively, Google shopping sees high conversion rates and increased ROI