Responsive Design

Telling your story, digitally

Understanding your objectives is the path to creative design. With over 10 years’ experience working on creative challenges, Digital Clarity have developed a comprehensive process to deliver creative excellence that can be both functional and aesthetically powerful.

Brand and Content in Harmony

Solid experience and a clear understanding of the impact of design are key to creative execution. Our skilled team can help guide and develop a strong creative approach to your project. Learn more by contacting us and viewing our portfolio.

Content Creation

Idea Formulation

Sketching out ideas and thoughts to start shaping a web design project. Defining areas that will go into a wireframe of the site

Brand Guidelines

Developing or taking existing branding elements to create a standard set of rules that can be applied across the company

Defining Content Areas

The combination of content structure and site navigation are key to visitor engagement

Github Community

Version control allows for revision and source code management. The repository can also act as a hosting service

Embedding SEO

Site structure, navigation and structured data help search engines like Google when indexing pages to rank in search results

CMS Architecture

Choosing the right content management system allows you to make editorial changes to the site including image and video upload