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Analytics across the enterprise

Large companies have multiple touchpoints – this creates complexity. Understanding user behaviour and customer segmentation across both multiple sites and geographical locations are some of the areas Google Analytics Premium can address. Digital Clarity can help large organisations make the most of trends and data with Google Analytics Premium.

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Premium analytics

Bringing All Your Data Together

With integration into the BigQuery cloud platform alongside AdWords and Google’s display network, Google Analytics Premium provides seamless access to powerful software. Contact the team at Digital Clarity to learn more about Google Analytics Premium and how an analytics audit may help you decide on next steps.


An enterprise-wide and robust platform, Google Premium allows all relevant members of your organisation to understand site behaviour and how it impacts on their own territory

Deep Integration

All your Google platforms, like AdWords, Admob and Google Shopping, in one place

Secure Analytics

Google Premium is both robust and secure, giving you peace of mind as well as access to data whenever you need it

Geo ID Widening

With a new Geo dimension in the Reporting API, GEO ID Widening allows you to include and measure regional and city fields

Custom Funnels

Task and completion abandonment are an important part of understanding customer behaviour and website optimisation. Google Analytics Premium allows you to visualise this process

Cohort Analysis Reporting

Analysing groups of users with common attributes is now becoming a key part of the analytics process