Google Analytics


Understanding Your Audience

Google Analytics is the de facto analytics tool for companies of all size across the world. Analysing your customer data with Google Analytics is insightful and crucial to reapplying successful strategies and understanding what needs attention. Digital Clarity have been working with companies for over 10 years helping to implement, measure and make sense of Google Analytics data and how it impacts both off and online activity.

Impactful and Actionable

From multi-channel funnels to attribution, Google Analytics can show all your campaign data in one dashboard allowing you to understand where the most engaged customers are and how they are interacting with your messaging. Surprisingly, many organisations fail to implement this simple yet powerful tool correctly. Digital Clarity, can audit, set up sales funnels and deliver a 360 Google Analytics report to allow you to best understand data. Learn more by contacting the team.


Event Tracking

Use the Google Analytics java script tracking code to track user interaction

Cross Device Data

Measure different digital devices beyond web and apps. Measure and connect off and online activity

Google Tag Manager

The Google Tag Manager allows you to add and update your tracking in your mobile and website tags simultaneously

Product Integration

Google Analytics can give you a seamless dashboard showing all your Google properties such as Google AdWords, Google AdSense and the Google Display Network


Google Analytics allows you to track and report on remarketing campaigns

Intelligent Alerts

As Google Analytics is ‘always on’, it can intelligently monitor and alert you on any statistical fluctuations across your website traffic