Attribution Modelling

Search Marketing

Reward Each Channel of Advertising

Attribution of sales or conversions allows a clearer understanding of your budget spends. Effective attribution modelling can help you understand user interactions and allocate budgets according to results. Attribution modelling in analytics can help in determining the true conversion path.


ZMOT stands for the Zero Moment of Truth and refers to the point at which a  consumer has researched your product or service

Last and First Attributions

The attribution landscape is wide. Understanding the touchpoints across both first and last click analysis helps attribute the right media

Time Delay Attribution

Important in direct media channels such as email marketing, time delay attributions refers to the time closest to the sale or conversion

Media Channels

Understanding the various ad components and channels that influence and drive the customer to the sale

Last Non-Direct Click

The last non-direct click is when 100% of the sale is attributed to the final channel the customer clicked from

Google Model Comparison Tool

Google Analytics has a strong attribution element. The model comparison tool allows you to compare up to three different attribution methodologies

Understanding the Journey

Defining marketing spend against sales is a three dimensional process. Data analytics is just one part on the equation and must be indexed against creative execution and subliminal touch points. A conversion reported by Google analytics tells only one part of the story. To get a deeper understanding of attribution planning and strategy, contact the team at Digital Clarity to learn more.

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