3rd Party Analytics

Beyond Google Analytics

Digital Clarity are experts in analysing web performance across multiple platforms and devices. Over the years our teams have worked with our clients, employing a variety of different analytics tools to provide robust and accurate insight.

Search Marketing

WordPress Analytics

As the popularity of the WordPress platform grows, there are many new analytics plugins

Attribution Analytics

Independent tools to assign values and credit for conversions and sales across your online and offline properties

Mobile Analytics

Going beyond page view analysis, dedicated mobile-only analytics can sometimes provide a deeper look into customer touchpoints

Data Warehouse Analysis

Interrogating the data warehouse is vital, especially in ecommerce originations. We have a strong understanding of complex and data-heavy environments

Data Visualisation

A single dashboard provides a clear view of complex information, while offering scope for structured queries and detailed analysis

Conversion Optimisation Analytics

Standalone page optimisation analysis feeds into other aspects of the analytics tool kit. This discipline examines all the factors from A/B testing to shopping cart abandonment

Social Advertising Digital Clarity

Understanding why customers buy

Learning why customers may be leaving your website without buying or when they return and buy is a crucial part of the analytics process. Understanding the deep and wider aspects of customer touch points requires the right tools. As there are numerous analytics tools out there, this can often be confusing and complex process. Digital Clarity’s experience in 3rd party analytics will help you find the right fit within your budget.