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Stuck in a rut on your AdWords account? Going in circles with negative keywords, site extensions and quality scores? Below we have some strategies which will get your thinking caps on and get the creative juices flowing!

1Designated Mobile Campaigns

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will all know mobile has been the hot topic for the last year or so with mobile searches over taking desktop in 2015. The complication with this is many consumers still don’t trust purchasing on a mobile and lets face if, however fancy your mobile site is, it may never have the full functionality of a desktop site.

Now think of your PPC ads. How have you adapted to this mobile change? Altered the bid adjustment up or down? As majority of your traffic is going through a mobile device now, wouldn’t you want more control?

Solution: Mobile Designated Campaigns

Simply duplicate your current campaign and change the bid adjustment to -100% on tablet and desktop and vice versa on the already live campaign. Now you can optimise your bids, site extensions, you name it, just like you do now but this is now mobile specific.

Bid Adjustment

2. IF Functions

IF functions are a funky cool new addition to the release of expanded ads. They basically allow you to show a specific message within your ad copy, to a specific type of audience. The two criterias you can use currently are by device or by audience type, so you can tailor your message to suit them in that moment.

I won’t go into the depths of the IF function here as we released a blog all about them. See blog here.

Idea: IF Function for New Customers.

Now converting a user from the very first touch point can be expensive and quite challenging. These days I see a lot of websites offering introductory offers, although you would only see this when you actually enter the site. Cue IF Function. What if you added that introductory offer into your ad copy but it only appears to users who have never visited the site before? Winner.

IF Function

3. RLSA for Returning Users

Remarketing but for search text ads. RLSA works in the same way as remarketing by applying a certain criteria ‘list’ to a set of creatives. Think about this scenario:

  • A user is searching, they’re browsing
  • They like your product offering but still want to compare prices, delivery, returns and so on, so they continue to shop around
  • Their cat starts reenacting the Mufassa stampede scene from the Lion King, on the sofa they get distracted
  • They come back to their search and start typing in queries

This time however you have the upperhand, because you know they’ve been on your site, they’ve visited a few pages, even added to the basket. What if you could increase your bid to ensure you’re top of the listing?

Enter: RLSA

By using Google Analytics data you can apply a specific criteria to your search keywords and increase your bid adjustments. This then helps you to be at the forefront of their search and help that user move further down the funnel and complete their action.

Need any additional advice on PPC strategies? Advanced or just starting up? Give us a call and talk to our account managers about your needs big or small.

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